Welcome, you can also continue reading this page, If you are a professional, and want a fact story to give you more determination that you can still do more. If you are already highly inspired and want a fantastic opportunity then just go to GET RICH now, for this page might seem boring. Although it will help you too if you are a professional and you have time, then read it. For most of this page are histories.
This history is Must read. Its My True Life Story.
I was born in 19’s, and I was named, AbdulFatai Adebayo Jagunmolu as a boy, born into a Yoruba region in Nigeria. One of the Greatest Nation in Africa. Some even call us the Giant of Africa. Economically I don’t believe it. I was born with the little respect which my parent have already acquire for their status, but not rich none popular. But I want a very comfortable lifestyle for myself and my kids when I have them. My parent can never be able to sponsor me to that kind of lifestyle I am dreaming of. Especially because its hang in there Brain that ‘money is the root of sin’. That’s there believe, like majority of African parent. In my own world I know its a lie. What I believe is ‘poverty is the true three of sin, that have root ,stem,branches,leaves and flowers. It keep on germinate and survive generation by generation until someone ready to cut it down and uproot it.’ a quotes by Jagvity Faitheroic. They believe rich men are crook, they never dream of been wealthy they are contented with the life they are living. Which is the same reason why a lot of people fail in life. Contented with poverty! Say this to yourself now, if you are alone say it aloud. I reject to be poor! I will never be contented with poverty! I must be wealth, LEGALLY! One day I change my Name to Jagvity Faitheroic. I know Nigerians never respect something done by themselves or by their people no matter how good it is. But when they find the name strange, They will believe that thing will be really great, what an ignorant guys! Sorry to say, if you are not one of them. I am just kidding them am still Jagunmolu Abdul Fatai Adebayo
How will I make it in life, when my parent can never help me, to talk of the Government that’s a complete waste of time, they are not ready to help anybody. Even if they want to they cannot possibly help all, that’s very clear to me. I have figure it out that successful nation are the work of citizen not government. so I know I am the one to help them, they can not possibly help me to my widest expectation. But I could not get any sure way to help myself, how could I possibly help some one. “If you are not save you can never save anybody, to save someone from dying, you have to survive. Word from Jagvity Faitheroic” that’s why I am seeking for opportunity.
Along my searching I found out two industries which suit my background, which easily take people from grass to grace, arcoding to my research. I mean that can make me rich without all this hassle people go through in life. The businesses are Network Marketing and Internet Business. any other business require a lot of school degrees and capital.
The first business I ever try was network marketing. Not online, I am doing it offline. But the problem is that I have to peddling myself from morning till night. I am sorry I am not that strong. To be frank this business is good and I could suggest it for anybody, for the compensation plan is very good. And everything about the business is fantastic. The only one problem is that you have to peddling yourself.
Along my research I found a way to do this business without peddling yourself, and your success is 200% faster. Don’t worry, you will read about the six thing which you must have to become wealthy, and I will teach you how you are going to get all this with ease. For I don’t to want to peddle myself.
I went into internet business, but its not as I was told. those scammers told me internet was paved with gold, but I couldn’t make a dime, despite the fact that I am buying e-books and working hard at it, I will stay online almost 21 hours online, it may sound absurd but its true, because of my desperation for success in measurement of money.
“You know what? Those Scammers are right, you can get rich overnight on internet business if you find the right opportunity and you work it right. Forget that you can make $500 a day online, just by press buttons for like 20 minutes. You have to take internet business like a course and do it like a Job.”
Lets continue with the story. I am doing this, for there is no other sure way for me to get wealth because I don’t want just any money I can’t go into hand work like a lot of Nigerian Guys. It can’t make me millions and I want millions. Although internet business could gain money faster than any other businesses but it also need pretty good effort, if you want real money. You can’t just stand in front of computer press button for couple of minutes and expect to make $500 dollar daily, except you have created your list and fan page, twitter follower, google+, and so on, with a lot of customers.
You know what? I am not thrilled about going to school either because I have read and hear it hundreds of time that ‘school are for birds’, it can’t make me wealthy. Its a waste of time if your dad doesn’t have have company which you are going to take over or become one of the director when you are out. This is damn fact in my nation if I don’t know about other nations. In my country, graduates are the poorest guys, for no jobs and they don’t want to do odd jobs, because of their self worth as higher institution graduates. And they don’t have money to start up a business.
I always pity them.
As I was saying, I don’t make a dime for years, despite all the effort, money and time which I throw into this business. I don’t give up, I am always an optimist, I know I could make it happen.
A lot of people don’t know the sure way to make money online.
In my nation, which is Nigeria if they see you with laptop and you seem okay, what majority believe is that you are a ‘yahoo boy’ (slang for internet fraudsters in Nigeria)
You know what, its not been easy. I tried online businesses like;
1. Forex Trading
2. Online Casino
3. Referral links
4. Pay per click
5. and so on
As a beginner, some work some did not. Forex trading really works but its like gambling your probability of gaining is ½, which is 50% you can loose 50% you can win. For me I do not see it as business. Although a lot of people are making huge money from it, but you need a lot of money to start it, and willing to take high risk. Then you can surely win in Forex Trading.
when I become professional I am into all this stuff too.
1. Google adsence
2. Facebook fans and adds, (am paying for this)
3. buying twitter followers
4. creating a lot of Blogger blogs
to cut it short, nothing happen.
Most of it is just a waste of time, there are lot of scam website than the real ones. One day I found one website that promise to pay me $100 USD daily, You know what? When I started working I figured out they pay $0.01 USD per referrals. Can you calculate how many click will I have to make $1USD not to talk of $20 or $100. I will need hundreds of thousands people to click a day if not millions. Where will I find such traffic I am not the owner of Facebook! or Google!
Advice1: if you don’t sell anything for website and they promise you a lot of money, don’t believe them. Before you can possibly believe that a website will pay out, check this things.
1. How did the website generate their income?
2. How much they generate, how much they promise?
Until you carefully analyses those questions and you figure out they are qualify don’t work for them. Or else they will be using you or waste your time.
Why all this history? You want to ask? right! Firstly, thanks for reading so far. This is my story, not entire but the one you might need if you are facing difficulties so you believe there is still hope for you, no matter what you are facing. Trust me, if you don’t give up you will be great. This is not just motivation its reality. Its true story that I went through, its far more difficult and long. I just make it simple and short.
This story is also to give you little enlightenment about online businesses and I want to give you legal online business that will give you real money. Up to $100 to $500 USD daily. If you believe me.
Are you ready?!
Before you can make any real money online.
My internet business story and testimony
Hello! Everybody, I am Jagunmolu Adebayo by name, I am a wealth seeker like anybody else, years back. I don’t have hope except internet business, because I have read it on so many pages that its very easy to make money online. Its a pity when I figure out the fact about internet business. I see it that I have to work just like any other businesses outside there. But I keep on doing it, for it seem to be the only opportunity I have in this life that could make me wealthy.
I know this fact state by one genius it state that you need six thing before you can be wealthy
1. Big Dream; Back up by burning desire to make it come true
2. Knowledge; It means practicable idea back up with action
3. Capital; little or plenty, this one must not pull you down your brain could take care of it, if you give it chance to think
4. Company; yours or the one you are partner with. I don’t mean where you are employed,that’s not your company you are just working for them.
5. Product; The one you made by yourself or you pay some one to personally made it for you. You can also search for product which the owner can authorize you to sell
6. Time limit; You must give time limit to whatever you are doing, that’s the only way you won’t be lazy.
if you lack any or one of this characteristics don’t expect money to come in abundant.
For me, I have 1,2, when I start which is big dream and knowledge. I know its not enough. So am seeking for the remaining four characteristics. Before you leave here wait and think, How many characteristics did you have?
You should keep it in mind that if only one is absent out of this characteristics it is enough to stop outstanding success from happening. But don’t worry I have solution for other five characteristics except number one because that one come from state of mind. You need to dream big first, then this opportunity will work for you.
Now, when I figure out internet businesses, I know I have to work like any other businesses but Internet business have this which you may not find in any business outside there.
1. You don’t need school credentials
2. Your age doesn’t matter ( it require little physical effort, brain work matters)
3. No matter what sex you belong its perfect business
4. Your product will be seen by world ( no limitation of territory if you are selling such product and if you can work on language which you present your product )
5. No income limit, you can acquire as much as your mind let you
6. You don’t need to create a product yourself, if you don’t know how
7. You can see thousands of company to join for free or little money which will later fetch you a lot of thousands dollars, if you are good at it.
Just to mention few, internet is a great place for business only if you know how to use it.
Are you tired of reading story?!
I am tired of writing it either. So lets go to business.
That story is just for those who just start in internet business and majority of Nigeria guys, which are my guys, because they are new to internet business. That’s why I call this page Nigerian And Newbies.
Now I want to teach you how you can make $100 to $500 USD a day using Facebook as traffic source.
You want to know it?
You are about to discover the secret that make people rich on Facebook without worry about buying Facebook likes or Creating an add which all cost you a lot money and No sure income is guaranteed. Trust me this is not illegal. You will later pay for Facebook but that is just 0.01% of your income. I don’t think it will be hard for you to pay $1 USD for Facebook after making of $1000 USD. And you know what? the payment its just if you like. But I will advice you to pay it to make it a compliment for Facebook that help you make money on it. Although you need simple trick which I will reveal now. But before that let me give you better enlightenment on internet businesses
what you must have to make real money on internet.

1. A website or blog: it maybe yours or a real affiliate marketing website.
2. A product: yours or you may get one through affiliate web like click bank
3. Traffic: customers that visit your website and buy your product.
You may want to ask me, How will a newbie come across all this? Some which all he know is Facebook and twitter, adding friends and following celebrities.
Company or co-operation; if you want to create a company of yours. You will need at least 500million Naira or $700,000 USD. And this system will take you two to five years to succeed.
Franchising; means selling another companies product in a particular place in a exchange for a payment or part of the profit. This system might cost you up to 50million Naira or $70,000 USD. And this system will also take 2 to 5 years to succeed.
Network marketing; You can also call this system MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING, this industry is Big that there is a lot of company to join. If anybody is interested in this category I could suggest a company for them which is reliable, because there are lot of falling company here too. And unless you find the right company here you will face a lot of difficulties and even fail at the end. For if your company failed so you are. So choose wisely, or I could suggest a company for you if you want.
Internet Wealth Formula; this is the system I want to show you, this is using internet as your work place. This system will only cost you #2000 Naira, or $9.99 USD, and it will only take you 1 to 2 years to succeed. Even long before that time you will be making profit. But to build real wealth it will take 1 to 2 years.
Some might think why does this system is so cheap if it really work. The fact is that I want to distribute the system for free in the start, because if you succeed, so do I. But I figured people don’t work on whatever they get for free for they know its not of much use. ‘Real information are not free’
nothing is free, even in free state.
That’s majority believe, that’s why I am collecting very little money over this system. Although I will increase the price by time. But that’s when I reach the certain amount of online student I want, then the price will rise. This maybe done one or two weeks to this time.
REMEMBER; “Procrastination and excuses are fertilizer to failure”
How will you know how to do all of this?
Its very easy, if you will want to listening to me. I will introduce a PDF to you. This PDF will teach you step by step how to make money online without paying a dime for traffic product or web. Like you can see I am using WordPress for free.
This PDF is available for everybody either you are professional or newbie but I create this page just to give people who are new to world of internet business explanation so that they know which work and which is not.
You want to ask me this questions?
1:How can I start?
Its easy, what you need is a mobile phone which can connect to the net or a computer or you can go to cybercafe.
2:How much does this PDF cost?
This PDF will cost you #2000 naira for Nigerians or $9.99 USD if you want to pay with card or paypal account
3: What If I don’t know how to implement it?
Its extremely easy that a ten year old could implement it, but if at all, this is your first time on internet and you stumble upon this page. Then I will teach you everything from the start step by step.
You will see my contact at the bottom of this page.
4: How will I pay for this PDF?
Its easy,
First option; if you are a Nigerian and you don’t know how to use Visa or Master card or paypal account. You will pay directly to bank account and you will send me your details of payment.

Second option; You can pay using a Master or visa card or paypal account. This option is for foreigners and Nigerians that know how to use this option.
Note: if you use second option you don’t need to send your detail of payment, immediately after payment download link will automatically send to you by e-mail.
First option pay here.
Bank A: Guarantee Trust Bank
Account name; Jagunmolu AbdulFatai Adebayo
Account number; 0124924108

Bank B: Diamond Bank
Account name; Jagunmolu AbdulFatai Adebayo
Account Number:0032672988

Note; First option is only for Nigerians.
Advice2:  Please don’t expect any fantastic information to come for free, if at all the information is free, then you will need money to carry it out. I am saying this because I have figure it out that people from Nigeria and internet newbies always seek for free things. Whats the use of free information that won’t work. Just calculate it, if you buy an information with #5000Naira or $25USD and you are making up to $100-$500 USD a day, or you get and information for free you rarely make a kobo or dime which one is far better. This opportunity is not even that expensive.
Advice3: Don’t people who know little or nothing about internet businesses decide for you. Seek for advice but intelligent ones, for its a problem to follow nobody advice its also a problem to follow everybody advice. Sometime we need to disobey our dad for greater good.
You want more explanation?
Then, continue reading, if you are already a professional
click here
You have something to tell me or ask me? Lets chum up on this chat apps
Whatsapp number: +237064801770
Skype: Faitheroic
BBM: 53175542
Note: I will work with you Until you also become a professional in this business, be happy, I will not do anything to hurt you because that’s the only surest way for me to succeed to my widest expectation. Why? Because am not only introducing you to internet business I am introducing you to the world of businesses.
If you want me to set everything up for you I will. Which you will just need 30 minutes daily to update it, your business will now become autopilot true email campaign which I will schedule for you.
If you wait for tomorrow your customer will become someone else customer.
If you are already a professional, click here
Grab your opportunity now!
Remember, a man who misses his opportunity and a monkey who misses his branch can not be saved.
Add me up now, Lets Discuss.
New Success story shall commence in your life Today!

increase your balance, when you spend

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